After this date, the enterprise has constantly developed. Major decisions have been taken in 2005. The building being too tight where the manufactory was has been dismantled and replaced by a new wooden construction much bigger and well isolated In the mean time, it has been decided to change the heating, raise the silo capacity and replace the ventilation system. All these works were performed withoutstopping the manufacturing which had been temporarily transferred into another wing.
CONTACT HOW TO FIND US PRODUCTS HISTORY PRESENTATION WELCOMEThe enterprise has been founded in 1962 After the death of one of the founders, Mr Maurice Grenon, unique administrator, his family has been looking for a solution. She called one of her major suppliers at that time, the « Scierie de Bex SA » and his administrator Mr Marius Formaz to evaluate the company. An offer has then been presented to Mr. Marius Formaz to buy back the enterprise to his estimated value. Which has taken place in 1964 with the help of his brothers. Today still, the capital value of the enterprise fully is in the hands of his descendants.